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Welcome to TonsOfDirt, your source for free dirt/fill, manure, rock, and mulches. An excellent resource for haulers, landscapers, gardeners, TonsOfDirt shows you what clean fill or free dirt is available in your area. Listings of fill dirt for sale are also included.

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Looking for free dirt/fill? Sites marked in green without a dollar sign have free dirt available! Inorganic free fill is most commonly available because it is abundant. Landfills also charge fees to dispose fill but TonsOfDirt doesn't!

An excellent resource for gardeners, landcapers, and haulers, TonsOfDirt lists sites with compost, manure, mulch, gardening topsoil, free dirt, and more! Manure makes an excellent fertilizer for your garden!

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TonsOfDirt is a listing service and cannot verify the legality of fill listed on this website. It is solely up to you to obtain any necessary permits and verify the fill is uncontaminated and legal to transport.
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